Hi. Welcome to the part of my site where I'm supposed to brag about myself.

I moved to the U.S. from Istanbul at age 18. 'Murrica has given me many things... including a love for writing and a taste for cheesy things.

On a normal Saturday, I fiddle with my guitar, read books (duh), cook Turkish food, attempt to draw, and watch movies. Yep, pretty regular hobbies.

I believe any problem can be fixed with a bowl of Sriracha mac and cheese, a cup of Earl Grey tea, and a notebook full of scribbled thoughts.

More about me:

Here's an essay I wrote on Medium about the experience of being from two distinct cultures, and not being able to identify with just one. This one's pretty personal, so please be nice.

Here's American Advertising Federation's profile on me. This was very nice of them. Thanks, AAF. 

Clients include:

Glenmorangie Single Malt Scotch Whisky, Peace Corps, Hennessy, Martell Cognac, Five Guys, Aspen Institute, NYU, Colonial Williamsburg, Medela, USAID, American Heart Association, Lupus Foundation of America, FEMA, CDC... the list goes on.

Hit me up some time for beer or Turkish tea: lecompte.sim@gmail.com.