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Aspen Institute (Branding)


Aspen Institute's Youth and Engagement Programs division wanted to create a new program – but needed to stand out from other similar programs meant to empower underprivileged youth.

Through an extensive branding and messaging exercise, we created the program from scratch – with a name, logo, messaging framework, and manifesto. 

I came up with many names during this rigorous process, and explained the reason and beauty behind each. We netted out on ArcheType. 

The meaning of the word "a model, first form, original pattern from which copies are made" drove our decision since these teens are unlike their predecessors and will likely lead the way for those who come after them. ArcheType also became a favorite thanks to its strength in phonosemantics - letters like "ch,t,p" evoke the idea of power and strength. 

Role: Copywriter

Designer: Katie Huhn (created the logo for ArcheType)