I like many things. I like music, cool local photography, interior design, french, secret spots around the city, and books. I have opinions, and sometimes I like to write about them. This is where I talk about what I like. 

This is where you can meet the real me. 


The moment I'm born, thousands utter my name.

Chanted with feeling, a purpose, and a direction.

Sometimes I'm ephemeral,
Here for the moment, gone the next.

Other times I'm entire movements and ideas,
For centuries to come.

I've been here since the beginning of history.
Taking down entire empires and building them from the ground up.

I grow, I sprout, I evolve,
I shift perceptions and they change me.

I add the green to the grass, the gust to the wind
The crinkling of a page between your fingers
The sighing of a soda bottle as it's opened
The hollow feeling you get when you remember a moment long gone.

I make you cry with sadness or laughter,
Fume with anger or ponder in peace.

I am your identity, your purpose in life.

Without me, you're no one.
With me, you're everything you want to be.